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This trick can only be done when the room is has users less than 15. Most of the people do bullet kicking when the room has users less that 10. This trick is widely used trough PC emulators (Sjboy) but still few people do this trough their mobile even. Its very easy..

Just open 2 mig file for each ID. So that you will have a clone of each ID. First enter the room with three IDs, after that enter the cloned IDs in to the room. Now all the cloned migs will be inside the room and the first three IDs you entered will be in the back room.

Now leave the room from all the IDs in side the room. And select the same room again but don't enter the room yet just keep it ready to enter the room.

Take kick user from all the migs in the back room and select the person you want to kick. Just keep all ready to request the kick

Enter in to the room from the IDs you were ready to enter the room.
After entering in to the room from all three IDs, request the kick from the IDs u were ready to request the kick.

When the person get kicked, leave the room from all the IDs inside the room and again start the same process. If the person is not yet getting kicked still leave the room so that the number of users in the room will reduce and the user will be kicked most of the time.